Thursday, May 1, 2008

April Re-cap!!

I am sooo sorry to all of you faithful people who check my blog. I have been so delinquent. So here is our April re-cap:) We have alot of b-days in April, both of my kids and two of my sisters. So we got together early in the month to celebrate with all of the kids!! It was so fun! They each got their own individual cake~ Thanks Sissy!! My sister is the best:)

On Reese's Birthday we took her to Disneyland..and we had a blast. She loves princesses and got to have her picture taken with many of her favorites. And we had dinner with the Grays, which is always a great time!

And on Hudson's Birthday we had a breakfast play date party at our house! With donuts for the kiddos and coffee and pastries for moms:) My wonderful friend Anne made Hudson an adorable cake!!

What a fun month..I have so much more to share, but I will post more tomorrow!! I promise.